Altcoins On The Move – Ready For The Rise Of Crypto?

Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum are near year lows there’s a bunch of strong moves happening in other smaller crypto. Altcoins are seeing strength especially in quality projects.

Here’s some quick analysis on our pick of the movers.

Digibyte – DGB

Digibyte is a SHA256 algo mineable coin that has seen a spectacular fall. It traded over 850 sats at the turn of 2018 and recently hit a low around 250 sats.

It’s a decent project with an active team. Price has been rebounding last few days but there’s plenty room above to grow. Add it to your watch list.

Cindicator – CND

Cindicator is a token used to gain access to their unique technical analysis signals. It was a very sought after token at the turn of the year.

It traded as high as 3300 sats but now sits less than 1000. Price looks like it’s set to begin a new upward cycle.

Funfair – FUN

FUN coin has not been much fun for holders since January. It fell from 1400 sats to 440. But there’s reasons to buy.

A purveyor of casino games for white label, tokens have a major use case. This one could pump at any time with news flow.


You have probably heard of ICX but let’s reiterate what everyone else thinks.

This is destined to be a top coin. Major people are invested and everyone is watching. It’s fallen around 70% from its January high and looks good value down here for a long term hold.

Modum – MOD

There could be some spectacular gains to be made here on Modum. It’s fallen over 70% from the highs of the altcoin rally back in January.

It’s a quality project and is listed on Binance, so any bullish moves should see plenty volume appear to give them substance.