Bitcoin Bounces From 9000 Dollars as Altcoins Send Mixed Messages

Bitcoin bounced strongly this morning from the $9000 mark which has seen the support of the last few weeks.

After a close but yet so far attempt at $10000, BTC turned and went hunting for buyers at lower prices. As has been the case many times lately it found them at 9000.

Whilst Bitcoin struggled Ethereum also showed some weakness over the last few days but once again has managed to hold a low of just over $700.

Ethereum has been in the news a fair bit with a supposed fake news story about an SEC meeting to decide whether ETH was a security.

This caused a slight panic on bag holders who have been buying recently and swift move down from above $800 to $700 occurred in less than 3 days.

The price of Ethereum has been on a strong run since early April when it touched a low of $375 before doubling in value within 4 weeks.

It’s no surprise that the price would cool off slightly after such a parabolic move.

And with the pullback in ETH cape a lull in a few of the stars of April.

Wanchain and ICX have both cooled from their highs and look to be consolidating before their next move. If Altcoins continue to keep strong then it’s likely they’ll shift a gear higher again in the coming months.


Lisk has a dramatic fall, losing 30% of its value in the first week of May.

Whilst most star movers seem to be the newly issued ICOs. It looks like ICOs are where it’s at just now, so keep your eyes on the newly listed coins on popular exchanges such as IDEX.