Ethereum ETH Looks Bullish and the Predictions Say Higher

After months of constant sliding Ethereum ETH has began to recover. It’s gained ground versus the US Dollar along with Bitcoin, yet many predictions say to expect higher ETH prices to follow in the coming months.

There is a real world use for Ethereum. Not only as a fast payment method but there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of tokens built upon the blockchain in the form of ERC20 tokens.

These tokens help by contributing a high volume transactions every day. Each transaction needs confirmation and thus consumes gas.

The useage of ETH is only going to rise, and until another rival platform can tempt away new ICOs then the scale of volume is not going to vanish anytime soon.

Predictions for ETH vary from a conservative $700 to some out of this world levels at $3000 and more.

For instance Wallet Investor has a 5 year forecast of $4279 at this moment in time.

Whilst many would look and maybe think this is crazy, it might not be far off the truth. As crypto evolves and projects released on Ethereum gain ground then the volume of daily transactions could easily be three or four times what they are today.