Etherparty and Gxshares Begin To Climb as Cryptocurrencies Gain More Ground

It’s certainly a good time to be invested in cryptocurrencies. The market has been extremely strong compared to the first quarter of 2018.

There’s been some phenomenal gains by many new listings and some old stables, but two of Binance‘s early listings now look to be making a move from the doldrums.

Etherparty (FUEL) bolted out of the traps in November last year, and went on to gain 4 to 5 times in value from its lows after listing on Binance.

As with all cryptocurrencies Etherparty price suffered during the first quarter of this year, but things are beginning to look interesting once again.

Etherparty provides a platform to make smart contracts easy to utilise for any user. There’s some buzz again on these companies, Chainlink is doing well again also.

The company is about to announce a name change, probably to suit the business offering better (it is a bit of a laugh name).

As for the price, with news and good strong markets there’s no reason why this won’t continue to climb higher over the coming weeks.

Here’s the chart for FUEL so you can see where it could be heading.


Gxshares tripled in value on the run up to January but fell back somewhat, although not as hard as many other cryptocurrencies.

Gxshares provides an app which users can use to secure their personal data and allow companies access to it in return for tokens. Gxshares price will ultimately come down to how many users are active on their platform, creating transactions.

They’ve recently been updating their products and seem to be working hard to provide value for their early investors, and the chart reflects this as price has nearly doubled since early April. Definitely a token to keep a close eye on.